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Mar 27 2010

Nazis Nazis! Everywhere!


The matter I will be bringing to your attention today is one of great magnitude and urgency. Being in my position I have critical information regarding the chains of hierarchy dominating our lives in the present situation of the world.

Although it only takes a brief moment of observation to notice that Nazis were not in fact defeated during the second world war, most of us are far from noticing this simple fact. It is our contemporary blindness that makes the situation far, far worse. For I assure you dear comrades, there is in fact nothing inconspicuous about the total control Nazi leadership is exercising over global politics today.

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Mar 19 2010

Things to do Today


These are the wee little cartoons your loving Uncle Joe has made just for your viewing pleasure. It involves the dashing adventures of four bold heroes as they dare the misfortunes of their painfully mundane lives.

Mar 18 2010

Lover, there is no other


Imagine the following: you wake up butt naked in an apartment you don’t recognize with a woman who has more in common with a root vegetable than any human being you can think of.

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Mar 7 2010

Squirrel co.

What? Are you suggesting the gaping hole of the Abyss 5 has been opened for recreational activities?

The voice echoed through the walls of the man’s bathroom at the corporate headquarters of Squirrel co. Where top notch businessmen decided the fate of accumulated human cultural expertise.

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