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Apr 25 2010

Experimental Subject No. 874

Filth! Pure absolute filth!

Filth filled in her lungs as she hurried by the train station. Why was she here? Wrapped up in a flower patterned blanket, a breathing mask on her face. The same monster kept flashing before her eyes the one with sharp teeth and saliva dripping under it’s chin, she couldn’t even tell what color it was, she knew it was the same image purely from the unaltered sense of terror that overwhelmed her every time it appeared.

The mild wind wrapped softly around her like a second blanket, the tiny droplets of rain occasionally pinpricked her face. She had an image of herself being cushioned in a ball of cotton with the occasional needle gently poking her face. She felt comfortable but irritated, nothing was ever to be perfect.

Streets were covered with bits of trash that were engaged in a perpetual dance with the wind as the only tune. Swaying back and forth, bereft of all meaning and purpose.  She thought of the place she came from, she thought of all her old acquaintances, they appeared in front of her like tiny scabs lined up to get a taste of her blood. She closed her eyes and let them crawl on her skin, this she thought could not be worse  than isolation. She had been without a lover for longer than she can remember and she felt a longing to be touched.

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Apr 11 2010

God Bless Social Networking and all those who Sail with it…


In this day and age we are incessantly reminded that we are populating a rapidly changing world. Thanks to the powerful technologies our great masters have benevolently granted us, eternal beauty and happiness are imminent. Sweet child, underneath all the promises of owning real estate on the big rock candy mountain, there lies a massive pile of reeking shit!

Case in point: Google

Any man or woman with half the wits of a semi retarded monkey would not be convinced by the smoke and mirrors Google has surrounded itself with over the issue of their final stand for free speech in China. As the digital armies of televangelists, marketing executives and sandal wearing ‘free tibet’ flavoured part time political activists gather under the crusading banner of free speech, the rest of us are expected to salute in awe and prostrate ourselves before google’s last stand for human rights. Take it from me comrades, we will not have any of this!

Comrades, we have all heard all kinds of stories about Social Networking, ranging from visions of a terrifying future to the utopic tales of wonder land that awaits behind the magical gates of networking sites.  Advertising executives from all over the globe are fiddling their pricks in their sleep dreaming about the crappy advertisements they can spam unsuspecting innocents with, while their ill-attended wives summon tentacled sex monsters from their subterranean lairs in rural Japan in a desperate bid to get a little action.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Narcissistic fools who are convinced that something or another is after them and is using fecesbook to gather bits of data on them. Yes comrades, one can almost hear them scream: ‘Wiiiilmmaaaa where is my tin foiled hat?’ While it is legitimate to object to such social networking sites due to their claim to own all the content uploaded to the internet through them, it is an entirely different story to base this objection on a misguided notion that we are all little celebrities now.  The difficult truth which is so hard to digest for us all is that the world in fact does not give a crap about what party we want to go to this weekend or the oscillations of our relationship status.

Imagine for a moment the sheer amount of data that backwashes through any given social networking site. You and I comrade are just tiny little ants running up and down from one friend network to the other, carrying ’status updates’ and ‘friend requests’ on our backs like they were breadcrumbs or sunflower seeds.

Put it this way, the more some technology makes us feel insignificant the more we feel like we have to rise and shine and realise our potential as a unique little snow flake. Well let me tell you something comrade, a unique little snowflake changes nothing. Anyone’s who is serious about claiming ownership of material on the internet must embrace the collective and be willing to contribute it’s meagre body weight for a larger avalanche!


Kind Regards

Uncle Joe