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May 26 2010

Bleat pt1

Arthur turned left and right in his bed all night, his sweat soaked pillow sticking to his face with a greasy adhesive. He was not to give up on his sleep however. Convinced that the trick lay in getting the shape of his syrupy pillow just right, he straightened up and attempted squishing it to what seemed to him at the time to be a more sleep suited ergonomic shape. The exercise proved to be futile, as the silhouette  of his cranium seemed to have hardened itself to a rough crust over the doughy eiderdown. He thought once more about the increasing urgency of piled up laundry. ‘The secret to a productive life lies in a good night’s sleep’ he said to himself. ‘How can I have a good night’s sleep with filthy bedsheets? Impossible!’. He figured the hastiest solution to his problem would be to get a quick nightcap, who needs sleeping pills when you have whisky? Laundry can wait until tomorrow.

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May 2 2010

A Vocabulary of Hundred Words


I wish to impress upon you today, a matter of critical importance regarding the human capacity to interpret the world by which it is surrounded by. Understandably, you may not consider this issue to be of  as much critical importance as your weekend plans or the fact that Shane got off with Emma. Nevertheless,  countless outstanding thinkers have poured blood, sweat and tears over this issue and therefore both the party and I UNCLE JOE, have decided that this matter is of critical interest. Naturally, as ever you have the full option of disregarding the entire conversation, in which case we have a lovely place for you at the ‘People’s Experimental Facility’ where you can flip burgers or sit inside a cubicle all day for the rest of your life with a bottle of cheap booze injected straight into your veins.

Now that we have separated the  wheat from the chaff  as far as the readership is concerned, we may now proceed with a thorough discussion of the subject at hand, namely that of interpretation. To put it simply we can say that, there are essentially three philosophical theories regarding interpretation. Let us briefly summarise all three of them before proceeding to discuss their interrelations and finally their collective inadequacy.

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