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Jun 20 2010

Art and Transparency

Comrades! What follows is a portion of the research proposal you loving Uncle Joe is working on.  Wallow in it to your heart’s content and make sure to point out grammar and spelling mistakes.

Yours, always
Uncle Joe


Since the technological developments of Late nineteenth century, art and culture have acquired an unprecedented availability to general public. What followed this technological revolution was the gradual transformation of culture from something sacred into an ordinary marketable product. As art critics and artists alike found themselves in a state of confusion they have created new ideas for dealing with the prevalent sense of uncertainty. We have seen Tracy Emin win the Turner prize for publicly neglecting to tidy up her room. We have heard Zizek loudly proclaim fantasies about looming postmodern conspiracies. We have been taught (to the point of being drilled into our heads) that there are encrypted messages encoded in artworks that can only be extracted by following the correct methodology generously bestowed upon us by omniscient dead white men like deSausurre or Lacan.

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Jun 17 2010

At Home She Feels Like a Tourist


For those of you who hold the fickle science of anthropology close to their heart as much as yours truly does, here’s a wee quote from Margaret Mead’s otherwise outstanding work Coming of Age in Samoa:

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Jun 15 2010

ROFLCOPTER EP Release… Coming Soon

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Jun 11 2010

Bleat pt2

Having discovered that his presumed assailant is a sentient being capable not only of controlling it’s vocal chords into spitting out sophisticated chains of vowels and consonants but also attaching symbolic meaning to them, Arthur suddenly realised the reality of his nudity.  As his primal urge to defend himself turned into an equally primitive sensation of terror. He turned his side to the ram, leaned over the wall with his shoulder, pulled his knee towards his stomach and his arm over his face. Hoping to shield himself as much as he can. The ram in the refrigerator grew increasingly impatient over Arthur’s state of shock.

“Brr, bit chilly here. Why don’t you go ahead and put on some clothes, I’ll just make my way to the sofa.”

Arthur, lowered his knee from his stomach and placed both his feet firmly on the ground. With one hand placed over his crotch and the other extended in front of him so as to make sure the distance between him and the ram is preserved. He walked backwards keeping his eyes firmly on the now bipedal ram, stepping out of the fridge. Arthur backpaddled his way toward his room taking quick glances over his  shoulder in anticipation of anything that could emerge in his messy house which might obstruct his panic stricken retreat.

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