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Jan 13 2011

Engineering Boredom: The Lucrative Trend Toward Mediocrity in Video Game Industry

The only prospect for excitement when discussing the cumulative progress of technology and it’s effects on society, is excavating synonyms for ‘boring’ from the Oxford English dictionary and seeing how many of them could fit in a sentence. However, scarcely a day goes by in the life of a contemporary urban dweller without exposure to some wearisome announcement about what the future may have in store for us.

What is notable about these dreary accounts of unstoppable progress, is that they increasingly rely on technology to announce their uninspiring visions of the future. We can watch a Marxist professor delivering a monotonous speech about the loss of cultural value on youtube. Read a variety of uneventful blog entries authored by half literate teenage girls paying homage to their new telephones, inevitably accompanied by pictures of themselves taken with the phone in question.

A significant portion of humanity seems to be caught either in a frenzy of self congratulation or of doomsday prophecy. The conversation on the subject has become so monochromatic that any fresh idea, no matter how outlandish it may seem would be an improvement to the current trend of exhausting repetition.

The outlandish claim I wish to make is that contemporary developments in video games industry have in fact not favoured forms of innovation to make video games more fun. Contrary to expectations the biggest companies in video games industry seem to be more concerned about keeping games as boring as possible.

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