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May 12 2011

The Church of Immaculate Consumption


We have previously discussed on this here blog the dangers associated with extreme forms of radical atheism. Today, I wish to elaborate on a more sinister danger lurking behind the assumption that atheism is a precondition for any claim to intelligence. Because comrades, the suggestion that we are now living in a perfectly reasonable society in which hilarious sounding notions like ” the great juju in the bottom of the sea” struggle to take hold against the human capacity to reason obscures the real danger. Namely, the rising threat of “The Church of Immaculate Consumption”.

If Richard Dawkins’ teenage fanboys are really so concerned about living in a society that’s governed by ‘reason’ they really should be more concerned about Andrew Lansley, the Secretary of State for Health getting loaded on the money he made from flogging Mcdonald’s, Mars bars and Pizza Hut. Same tosser is also after privatizing the NHS, and handing over the labour initiated anti-obesity campaign to the secure hands of business. Naturally, any fanboy of Richard reading this in between composing new and original slurs to insult religion and it’s believers through the highly distinguished medium of discussion forums, masturbating, and spending their pocket money on acne products will realise the errors of their ways and direct their attention on the more insidious threat of the almighty Church of Consumption.

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