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May 14 2012

[Important] Complaint by Police , Please pay your Attention !!

This is an email I have received from my University’s International Affairs Office. I am sharing it for lulz.

Subject: [Important] Complaint by Police , Please pay your Attention !!

Greetings Fellow Students,

The way we carry ourselves and portray ourselves has a direct impact on the impression of how the Taiwanese think of us and the people who we represent.
As representatives of our countries, we owe it to ourselves and our nations to give the Taiwanese and others the best impression of our homelands.
Furthermore, as guests of Taiwan, we have an even higher obligation to act and behave in a manner that we ourselves would want of foreigners in our own home countries.

The Office of International Affairs(OIA) has received a complaint regarding gathering of students and consumption of alcohol at the 7-11 mart by the North Gate of our campus. The complaint was made by residents of the apartment complex to the Police who forwarded the complaint to the OIA.

The complaint was about inappropriate and noisy behavior by a group of International students.
In the past, as you are probably aware, there have been other complaints about inappropriate behavior at the same location as well.
The behaviors reported is definitely not befitting of educated and mannered people.

As such, from now on, consumption of Alcohol and gathering in front of the 7-11 mart by the north gate of the NCTU main Campus is banned.
The police is aware of this situation as well and will take necessary action if need be.

As you know, we are all guests of this wonderful country. Individually, we represent our own countries, but collectively, as International students, we represent the whole International student body in Taiwan. Please act and behave in a mature and responsible manner that befits people who are educated and being educated at high quality institutions.

The reputation of the International students, our home countries and the university is at stake.
We trust that each one of us want to make ourselves and our countries look good. We must also make NCTU look good since we are all proud students of NCTU.

Let us use this opportunity to remind ourselves of the opportunity to be here and ensure that while in Taiwan or anywhere for that matter, we act in a manner that would make ourselves, our university, our families and our countries proud.

So, We are requesting to you all , please stop drinking near by 7-11 .

Hope you will try to understand.

Thanks for your consideration.

May 8 2012

Stereotyping Gender: Occidental Reflections on Asian Sexuality.


Whether we like it or not, the past century has been concluded with the unquestionable triumph of the Euro-American civilisation. And like all other civilisations this one too has spun tall yarns about why it’s ‘way of life’ is the most superior and how it’s morals are the most valid. What sets apart Euro-American ideals of the good life from all of it’s rivals, is the degree of prominence they have acquired. Evidently, the prominence in question is not so much due to any intrinsic values inherit in Occidental culture as it is to the military and economic power behind it. After all, is it any wonder that the same cultural paradigm that launched the crusades, colonised the entire known world for over a century and ‘liberated’ countless nations from the horrifying perils of planned economy; is now standing on the tallest soapbox to preach about what political system is best, how money should be spent and even how we should express our sexuality.

The implication that the way we express our sexual identity is shaped by a political force may strike the more naive readers as ludicrous. “Surely something as intimate as how I make sweet love is an individual matter”, he or she may cry. It certainly is not this author’s intention to precipitate a state of gloom to those blissfully unaware of the extent to which the consumerist paradigm shapes the most private aspects of our lives.

The consumerist dream of success, carries with it certain assumptions. It shapes our ideals of beauty and self fulfilment. At the core of the consumerist dream is the suggestion that it is the most ‘natural’ way of organising society. It convinces us that humanity is greedy, that life is nasty, brutish and short and the only way to prevent humanity from destroying itself is to allow for a political economy that will permit the expression of it’s insatiable desires.

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