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Squirrel co.

What? Are you suggesting the gaping hole of the Abyss 5 has been opened for recreational activities?

The voice echoed through the walls of the man’s bathroom at the corporate headquarters of Squirrel co. Where top notch businessmen decided the fate of accumulated human cultural expertise.

Cultural goods of all kinds dating from prehistory to modern times are thrown into Squirrel co. for digestion and eventual excrement.

A butt naked nameless man walking through the natural cave his bare feet grasping the dewy moss covered floors of the company headquarters was trying to find a suitable place to release his bladder. He finally arrived at the right spot, three other naked men were urinating in a bottomless hole. He lift up his head to see the graffiti on the wall ‘That’s the kind of flower I like to see’ . The nameless man giggled, that joke never gets old!`

‘The Cultural Monolith’ Alfred Delamont (1989) p72

“There is a possibility of human cultural heritage being reduced to a mere lowest common denominator. Calculated and constructed by those who are privileged enough to afford the means to make the required arrangements to condense versatile human experience into one giant equation that will come up with a unified average.”

Having relieved himself of his natural needs, the nameless man proceeded to the common lobby, where more naked white men in flat top haircuts went about their daily business for Squirrel co. Which is to say consuming and regurgitating the products of the contemporary culture industry.

The nameless man walked through, browsing the floor for the cultural item he  is in the mood for consuming today. He glanced through the various rectangular objects lying on the damp rocks. He was already reminded of the one labeled ‘Funny One’ by his earlier encounter  in the urinal. Next to it he observed the ‘Contemplative One’. He figured he will give that one a miss, who would want to start the day with something like that anyway? Onward… ‘Nostalgic One’, the nameless man had a thing for this one, somehow he found the sense of yearning he had for his youthful days will be a timeless emotion he will go through in every stage of his life. However he decided to search on.

He could hear people around him gathering in groups of three or four at most, having conversations. One group who had found a particularly dark corner of the Squirrel co headquarters, were sulking whilst listening to a person talking in what seemed to the man without name to be an exaggeratedly tragic voice: ‘And swarms of locust will destroy our livelihoods, armies of cockroaches will devour our gathered knowledge…”

This must be the ‘Apocalyptic One’ he thought. It made no sense to him why anyone would take interest in such morbid items. Who in their right minds would suspect that anything could go wrong under the benevolent cultural domination of Squirrel co.? But then again it is these types that gave the cultural milieu it’s sense of authenticity.

He chuckled when he heard a slobbering, fat. aged man recite to his similarly unappealing friends: ‘That’s the kind of flower I like to see’. Isn’t the ‘Funny One’ such a gas he thought. As he walked to the opposite end of the compound catching short lines from an unusually thin and tall bald man ‘The stains of blood… are yet to be removed’. He was really rather indifferent to the ‘Frightening One’, although he could see the appeal he did not find the obsession to be reasonable. Fortunately I have choice he thought to himself, and his eyes met the ‘New One’. ‘Ah! I am just in the mood for this’ he said to himself and proceeded  to consume the ‘New One’… once more.

‘Meditations on the Possibility of Telepathy’ Ivan Rothkovich (1953) p128

“Therefore one could argue that all communication is based on the acquired cultural knowledge of human beings. A newspaper article, a painting or a Broadway show can form the basis for a common point of reference between groups or individuals to communicate ideas and concepts that range from painfully mundane to iridescently sophisticated. It is the duty of the creative mind to put forth works infused with heartfelt, individual creativity so as to enrich the variety of communicative forms and modes. It is my sincere belief that once a society has lost it’s creative minds that dare to take the risk of exposing their deepest thoughts and feelings, that society will lose the palette of communicative tones at it’s disposal, until language itself begins to erode and eventually degrade into repetition of monotonous tones devoid of grammatical structure”

‘Urgh’ said the nameless man to another nameless passer by, the passer by responded ‘Gurr’. This is how the residents of squirrel co. communicated with each other when they are not quoting great works of cultural significance…

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