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We Live as we Dream: Alone


Today I wish to lecture my faithful subjects about the importance of courage in the arts.

On this occasion you may be forgiven for reacting to the above statement as follows: “ROFL Uncle JOe! Laik WTF does art has to do with curadge FFS?!! Isn’t art just some laik d00d in a berret smearing shitZ on a canwas LOL!”

I am of course talking about the courage of artists -for lack of a better word- to defy the rules of common convention and prevalent culture. No I don’t mean like promoting your otherwise average skills as a writer/cartoonist by insulting Islam. And no do I not mean having a public rant about how political correctness has gone mad. And NO I certainly don’t mean stenciling two coppers making out on a wall… “But UNCLE JOOOEEE!! You don’t get the joke yeaa! That one is like well funny, coz like cops aren’t supposed to be faggots lol! It’s like cops yea! And they are making out yea? Like they are gay! Except cops are never gay ye? Coz like only faggots are gay innit?!”

It's funny coz they're gay ye?

What do all the examples above have in common? They are all attempts to market shit, piss and bollox by giving them an appearance of ’social concern’. Since it has become officially ‘cool’ to be anti-establishment we have seen an enormous rise in ass-wipes of different shades queuing up to get pink ribboned rebel certificates. When in fact all these half assed attempts are merely products of an enormous exercise in market research and demographic targeting. So every time you toke a cigarette and think that makes you look cool and irresistible, you are in fact sucking Satan’s cock. Or less figuratively speaking you are buying into Edward Bernay’s ‘Torches of Freedom’ campaign.

Do you suck Satan's cock?

What I mean by courage is the ability to bring out the morbid and unpleasant. As opposed to lowest common denominator bollox. Lowest common denominator bollox like Julia Robert’s ‘Pretty Woman’. A ‘feel good’ movie which claims finding a rich husband through prostitution could legitimately be considered as a ‘future plan’. After all what could a woman want from life other than dick and shoes?

More degrading than hardcore pornography.

None of this crap above makes a pertinent statement about life as it is actually experienced by most people. As it so happens internet memes do an outstanding job of revealing how much contemporary society has failed to deliver the happiness it has promised. A particular meme that’s tossed about under the title ‘FOREVER ALONE’ really grabs shit by the balls and does away with lobotomised ideas of happiness and slaps you in the face by displaying the pathetic life we all (without exceptions) hide behind our fecesbook profile.

So have a look at these and the next time somebody points a finger at you and says: ‘you are gonna die alone’. Just ask them who they expect to die WITH.

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