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Nazis Nazis! Everywhere!


The matter I will be bringing to your attention today is one of great magnitude and urgency. Being in my position I have critical information regarding the chains of hierarchy dominating our lives in the present situation of the world.

Although it only takes a brief moment of observation to notice that Nazis were not in fact defeated during the second world war, most of us are far from noticing this simple fact. It is our contemporary blindness that makes the situation far, far worse. For I assure you dear comrades, there is in fact nothing inconspicuous about the total control Nazi leadership is exercising over global politics today.

The most striking example of this undeniable fact is Colin Powell’s address to the United Nations security council prior to the invasion of Iraq

Here we see how misleading information was disseminated in order to convince ordinary people like yourselves that Saddam Hussein was engaged in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. The display on the left is an actual slide from Powell’s presentation demonstrating allegedly without a shadow of a doubt that biological weapons were being manufactured at the back of moving trucks! Comrades! I invite  you to stand in silent awe in front of this suggestion for  a moment. Wether you wish to do so or not is naturally your own choice, anyway you will have plenty of time to contemplate this subject in all it’s dimension and intricate perspectives in our world class self criticism and re-education facility.

Shock and Awe dear comrades! This is the expression that was used to describe the strategy of the invasion as it Blitz’d it’s way through a nation like a hot knife slicing through the buttery surface of the Maginot line. The military parallels are much too obvious to get into, it is every good citizen’s duty to conduct their own research in their own time on this matter.

I wish to point out however the shock and awe experienced by the public of the nations who agreed to wage war. ‘Evidence’ after ridiculous evidence has been thrown at them. Implanted deep within their frontal cortex with surgical precision in industrial quantities.

Remember Comrades! In war and in peace weapons of mass confusion can carry just as much weight as weapons of mass destruction!

Kind Regards,
Uncle Joe

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