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A Gratuitously Extended Fecal Metaphor

Some point at the tender age of twenty one, he realised the only way to stay sane was to write. Gush his anger in ink, drown his fury in words. Shit got on his nerves then, as shit gets on his nerves now.

Some point at the tender age of twenty two, he met his childhood sweetheart’s husband. He clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and sucked it up, as the man talked about the bloody chinks and the fucking fags. He held back not from a fear of confrontation, not because of some misguided belief in diplomacy. But because his indignation would be interpreted as jealousy. Shit rubbed him the wrong way then, as shit rubs him the wrong way now.

Some point at the tender age of twenty three his father gave him a lecture about ‘being a man’. He sat through the sprays of saliva as he was told about a woman’s place, about the sanctity of the family and about respect. Shit pissed him off then, as shit pisses him off now.

Some point at the tender age of twenty four, he was ordered to pick up a gun and salute the flag. He dreamed of wiping his ass with the piece of rag and throwing it in their faces. He cleaned up his own shit then, as he cleans up his own shit now.

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